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LAVA - Lava Best 2001-2007

LAVA - Lava Best 2001-2007
Aile Alegria (feat Jeanne Bastos)
Vem Para Ficar (feat Wilma De Oliveira & Jeanne Bastos)
Feel The Rythm (feat Knoelle)
Planet 3rd (feat Lisa)
Morena (feat Gema)
Mundo Novo (feat Wilma De Oliveira)
Verao No Rio (feat Wilma De Oliveira)
Swing Me Higher (feat Aundrea Hopkins)
Todo Dia (feat Gladson)
Shooting Star In Madrid
La Pasion (feat Katie Viqueira)
Diciembre (feat Gema)
Aile Alegria (feat Incognito)
Moon Dust (feat Sissy People - Lava's People Goes Forward remix)
Dance In The Wind (feat Jerome Jerry Preston - Lava's Cross Fade remix)
Sing (feat Wilma De Oliveira - Lava's Shape Of The Belgian Bossa Nova remix)



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